Allan Hansen

Since Feb 19, 2021
Company Nakskov Trucking
Vehicles 8 / 8


Have a truck drive 1609 km

You have rolled 500 miles and then 500 miles more, to be a truck that's driven a 1000 miles to fall down at someones cargo door.

Have a truck drive 5000 km

After 5000 kilometers you think it might be time for a check-up!

Repair 5 times

Elbow grease, WD-40, you're becoming familiar with the insides of your truck!

Repair 50 times

You've repaired your fair share of trucks, your fleet is feeling healthy.

Reach €500.000

Your company has made half a million, you're half way to being a millionaire!

Have a truck drive 40.075 km

This truck has, figuratively, circumnavigated the globe!

Complete 5 international jobs

You are well on your way to becoming a globetrotter!

Reach €1.000.000

Millions and millions and millions. It all starts with that first 1 million!

Repair 250 times

Are you a transport company or a service center, at this point you don't really know anymore!

Have a truck drive 100.000 km

You finally figured out this trucks character, time to eat up some more asphalt.