Since Jan 5, 2019
Company Tardis Transport B.V.
Vehicles 8 / 8


Land bridge

Fulfill a job from one international port to another.

Reach €500.000

Your company has made half a million, you're half way to being a millionaire!

Complete 5 international jobs

You are well on your way to becoming a globetrotter!

Have a truck drive 1609 km

You have rolled 500 miles and then 500 miles more, to be a truck that's driven a 1000 miles to fall down at someones cargo door.

Reach €1.000.000

Millions and millions and millions. It all starts with that first 1 million!

Have a truck drive 5000 km

After 5000 kilometers you think it might be time for a check-up!

Complete 50 international jobs

You're in it for the long haul. Although you would love to see some upgrades in those service stations.

Repair 5 times

Elbow grease, WD-40, you're becoming familiar with the insides of your truck!

Have a truck drive 40.075 km

This truck has, figuratively, circumnavigated the globe!

Complete 250 international jobs

You've seen it all, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin

Play 25 games of Rock, Paper, Scissors

You've played 25 games of Rock, Paper, Scissors, you're a pro!

Repair 50 times

You've repaired your fair share of trucks, your fleet is feeling healthy.

Have a truck drive 100.000 km

You finally figured out this trucks character, time to eat up some more asphalt.