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    Gerben 7 months ago



    Since the format of a forum can feel kinda static, let's make this topic a bit more chatty!

    In here you can talk about anything you want, to meet other truck drivers ;)

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    Gerben 7 months ago

    Perhaps I should have said VIRTUAL truck drivers.. I don't drive a truck.

    Anyway, I'm currently working on alpha-v4.. It will be about achievements, mainly.

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    CheGuevara 7 months ago

    Hell yeah man, good to see you hanging around!

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    Gerben 6 months ago

    I'm working on v5 at the moment and it's going to focus on finances. It contains graphs ;)


    Also question; since we have a lot of cities, 430 to be precise, I've noticed that the location dropdown on the Jobs page is getting really long. And it will only become longer when we add more cities. I was wondering if anyone has an idea to fix this.


    Should we have an option to limit just by a country? Or should the entire thing just become a searchbar instead?

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    Gerben 5 months ago

    For those of you not in the Discord channel; I'm working on a new update for the game where there will be a dark theme!

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