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    Gerben 1 year ago

    Hello all,



    I've just deployed version Alpha-0.3.0. In this version "international" jobs have been added as well as a bunch of locations in North West Germany. (This will of course be completed with the whole of Germany once this update seems to be working as intended).



    Locations/cities can now have the attribute 'international' which means these are big cities that allow you to have jobs across borders.



    The job creation system has changed a little. It will create jobs in countries between cities in those countries. But the system will now also generate international jobs, 20 to be precise.

    These jobs can be used to 'travel' between countries and start doing local jobs. But it's also perfectly fine to just stay within one country.



    Let me know what you think!

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    MadManix 1 year ago

    Nice extension! Thanks

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    Gerben 1 year ago

    Released 0.3.1.

    - Fixed a bug where jobs had the same start and end location (which didn't happen often before, but because the small number of German cities got exaggerated more)

    - Added "Estimated duration" to Job pages with the default speedfactor of 1.0

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    Gerben 1 year ago

    Released 0.3.2

    - Added "Finances" section under My Company. But more importantly data is being stored as of now for use in better graphs and the information shown in Finances is just an alpha-product for now to give some insight..

    - Added "Find a job" button on Vehicle Cards.

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    Gerben 1 year ago

    Released 0.3.3

    - Added Settings in the top right corner. Currently there's only one settings: Default Job Sort

    - Little clean up at Dashboard, your company details are now a bit neater with two links to My Company and My Garage

    - Added "Completed jobs" section to My Company page. Currently limited to 50. Also perhaps can be improved on sometime..

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    CheGuevara 1 year ago

    Loving these new updates! The QOL updates are amazing!


    - Added Settings in the top right corner. Currently there's only one settings: Default Job Sort - THIS IS LEGENDARY! along with the filter button to automatically find jobs for trucks. Friggen brilliant


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    Gerben 1 year ago

    Released 0.3.4

    - Added Belgium as new country (actually released this a bit earlier, but technically part of the 0.3.4 release)

    - Added orange buttons for "Show in My Garage" on vehicles

    - Fixed bug where two trucks in same city would sometimes not pick the correct one. Now it also takes the trailer type into account. If both trucks have the same trailer type, it will pick the last one in the list.

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    Gerben 1 year ago

    Released 0.3.5

    - Added all of the German cities

    - Extended Netherlands and Belgium with a couple of cities for more coverage

    - Fixed Locations page to also show locations per country + breadcrumb navigation

    - Added Company to Show Job pages

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