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    Gerben 1 year ago

    Hello everybody.


    Today we released version 4 of the alpha. This update is focused on achievements.



    We're releasing v4.0 with 11 achievements in 3 categories; distances driven per truck, location objectives and money earned with your company.

    This means that under the menu of Game there's a new page called Achievements that lists them all. If you're logged in it will also show you which you already have. For some of the easily quantifiable achievements that you don't have yet, it will also show a progress bar and the percentage to reach it.

    We've also fixed the "Coming soon" message on Profiles about achievements, you can now see other peoples achievements. (They have to log in once after this v4 update for it to work)

    Metadata being stored

    We are now also storing some data. Each truck will now record all the KMs driven, like an odometer. We also store how many international jobs you have done within your company.

    This data is necessary for the achievements. But we will probably start using your trucks odometer for other things too, like breakdowns, repair interval and perhaps even its monetary worth for when you want to sell it.

    On a Trucks info page or within the Garage page you can see the odometer for the truck(s).


    One of the achievements is called "Land Bridge". This achievement expects you to do a job from one port to another. At the moment we have updated 3 cities to, besides being international locations, also be port locations. They are Rotterdam, Antwerpen and Hamburg. Going to their Location page will also show an anchor icon to indicate this.

    Besides this being for the achievement, it's also something that will later be used for other purposes such as in job creation. Clearly port locations create a lot of container jobs.. guess we need container trailers soon!


    We've also updated the screenshots on the frontpage, they were quite outdated, actually using the old theme.

    Also the Completed Jobs section under My Company has been given a little overhaul; it will now show origin and destination along with an icon of what type of trailer was used.

    Let me know what you think!

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    Gerben 1 year ago

    0.4.1 - Update Job page

    While implementing a feature called "Include nearby" to show jobs which are close to the origin or destination you picked, I tried switching the layout a round a bit.. and I must say I like it.


    The job overview page now has all the filtering options on the left and the jobs on the right.

    The filtering has been updated with the before mentioned "include nearby" which shows you jobs that are in nearby locations. The radius is a bit tinier than the locations you can see on individual location pages.

    There's also a switch/checkbox for ports, note that this only applies for origins.


    I'm curious what you all think, let me know!

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    Gerben 1 year ago

    0.4.2 - Map on Job pages

    A tiny but interesting feature has been added; maps to job pages.

    When looking at the info of a job page or when you have accepted or assigned it, it will show you the map of the locations within that job as well as a line to mark the distance. This line is just a straight line and not according to roads, but this also mimics the way distance is calculated in the game.

    If you are transferring to the location from somehwere else, a blue line will be shown to mark the transferring distance.

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