Alpha v6 released

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    Gerben 1 year ago

    We've released alpha v6. This update is mostly about the upgradable HQ buildings.

    It's also one of the latest features that we set out to implement in the alpha release of the game. This means we'll now move towards a beta release, which includes some administration tasks (emails for notifications, dealing with your account/gdpr) but also a lot of content in the form of new countries, new vehicles and trailers (perhaps even getting custom made graphics) and more variety when it comes to cargo.


    Update 6.0

    • Changed "Vehicle slots" to "HQ level", for now it only affects vehicle slots
    • Added Fueling Station buildings giving you cheaper or less fuel required
    • Added Rest Stop Card building which gives free fuel once per week for international jobs (there's a checkbox that's available when you have the building unlocked and are looking at an international job)
    • Added Cargo Hub buildings, which speed up deliveries (up to a max of 10%)
    • Added Garages building which makes repairs 5% cheaper
    • Added Work Bays upgrade which is a free repair once per week (it will replace the repair button with a "Free repair" button when it's available)
    • Technically released earlier, this update also contains the Wind Direction feature that you can see on jobs
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    CheGuevara 1 year ago

    Just wanted to note, I had a 7 vehicle storage and it is now back at 4 and shows 7/4 hahah.

    Do I have to repurchase these upgrades or is this something you can do?

    This has been resolved by Gerben!

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