[Dev question] International routes

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    Gerben 11 months ago


    Eventually we'll add more countries to Transport Game Europe, it's in the name really.

    However I'm wondering how to do this functionally. My thought was to add Germany or the United Kingdom first (probably a poll, to decide that).

    But the current game is calibrated for just The Netherlands and I made sure that the longest distances took about 4 hours, which happened to be pretty much accurate if you were to drive that distance in a car (not a slower truck).

    So what will happen if I add Germany, regardless of whether internatial routes are allowed, is that most distances will take really long to complete. Ideally I want jobs to take between 30 minutes and 8 hours.


    So there are a couple of options, and maybe you also have ideas:

    1. Countries are separated and you can only do jobs within the country. You can transfer your vehicles of course between countries. In this mode I calibrate each country separately.
    2. International travel is allowed and I re-calibrate if needed (Hamburg to Munich takes 8 hours in real life for example) (Downside is that when I add Italy for example; Amsterdam to Rome takes 16 hours..)
    3. Countries are separated, but there are some special international jobs that are calibrated just for that specific job. (Also means you end up in that country afterwards)


    Let me know what you'd like as a player!

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    Basic 11 months ago

    Add a feature where the trucks automatically returns to your HQ when traveling to a different country

    Ruins the realism but my trucks aren't gypsies

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    Gerben 11 months ago

    But I don't see a problem with a truck being in another country. That's also part of the game really.

    The question mostly revolves around how long do you want jobs to take?

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    Basic 11 months ago

    How about you can't access international routes without an HQ, permit, contact, etc. on said country?


    Buying 2nd HQ cost 50k

    3rd one is 100k

    4th is 200k

    If you added international route, that would mean longer traveling time also less play time, why would i pick shorter route when i could play once a day but with same or almost the same rewards as those who picked multiple but shorter jobs?

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