[Dev question] Where to leave unhitched trailers?

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    Gerben 8 months ago


    As written on forums and the site before, we'll have trucks and trailers. You'll be able to hitch or unhitch a trailer before you start jobs.

    This will be so that you can buy your trailers separetly from your trucks (or vice versa) and use 1 truck to haul dry cargo as well as liquid cargo with a tanker.

    Now there's a gameplay question we need to answer: Where do unhitched trailers go?

    1. They get parked in the city where you unhitch them.
    2. They get teleported to your headquarters.


    The question boils down to how much realism vs fun you want it to be. Let me know what you think!

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    Basic 8 months ago

    I think option 2 is better for long term, it's troublesome recovering trailers all over the country plus it gives your headquarters more importance

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    Gerben 8 months ago

    To clarify, your trailer would be showing in your HQ dashboard (or maybe My Garage) but you don't have to pick it up. So if your HQ is in Amsterdam and you hitch the trailer for a job in Rotterdam, it will also teleport there.

    Maybe there's a little money or fuel cost involved. For option 1 there's clearly costs involved, as you have to drive your truck cab there.

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    Maarten 8 months ago

    Teleporting would be a bit much in terms of unrealism. How about an option where towing the empty trailer from the place you left it to where your truck is takes time, money and fuel, but only half the amount it would take with the truck attached, and it's automatically added to the job, like transfers are now?

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