Initial introduction of Trailers

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    Gerben 1 year ago

    Hi all,

    I've released the initial phase of trailers. All trucks (current, buyable and while registering) get a free trailer of type 'Dry cargo'.

    Without a trailer you can't do a job.


    The trailers don't do anything specific yet. They have a price and max load, but none of that is used yet. There's also no different types of cargo yet and as such no need for special trailers.


    This is however a nice starting point for me to start programming more functionality regarding trailers and for you as players to start and get familiar with the trailer mechanic.


    Let me know what you think or if you have questions!

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    Basic 1 year ago

    Thanks for the update, can't wait for the rest

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    Gerben 11 months ago

    Alright, the next phase has been deployed.


    Trailers now have their own page for buying and are shown in your Garage. When you now buy a new vehicle, you also need to manually buy a trailer.


    Next up: making specialized jobs and releasing more trailers.

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    Gerben 11 months ago

    And the last important part has been released.


    We now have cargo types that you can choose from. At the moment they're just 4:

    • Dry cargo - 'Laptops and small electronics', 'Mattresses', 'Iron reinforcing bars' etc
    • Liquid - 'Milk', 'Diesel', 'Apple juice' etc
    • Dry bulk - 'Grain', 'Hops', 'Bauxite'
    • Refrigerated - 'Frozen pizzas', 'Boxes of strawberries', 'Yogurt'.

    This means the other two trailers, a Tanker and Reefer (short for Refrigerated), have been released to buy. There is no limit on the amount of trailers you can buy and no limitation on which truck can pull which trailer.


    Eventually we'll add more cargo types and trailers, think of; cars, cattle, refuge, deeploaders, containers etc.


    Edit: I forgot to mention; we also did some small UI changes to the way Jobs are displayed as well when you look at Vehicle Details.

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    Shop 11 months ago

    I have found 2 jobs that had the same start and finish, I accepted them, and will try to execute them when im in those cities.

    I also found 2 jobs with type unknown, when you search for shortest routes you will see them also.

    Can vehicles be sold?

    Can you select the trailer type anywhere, or are they only available when you go back to your headquaters?

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    Gerben 11 months ago

    Good find. When someone cancelled a job, it would remove the type. Fixed it now.


    Yep, vehicles can be sold when they're parked. Same as trailers. You can find the buttons on My Garage.


    You can select the type everywhere, but only when the vehicle is Parked.

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    Shop 11 months ago

    Great. I'm currently executing a job from Eindhoven to Eindhoven, only transfer wear and fuel. Distance in info is 0 km, in jobs page it's shown as "?".


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    Gerben 11 months ago

    Yep, that's a known bug I still need to fix. But it's low priority because it's actually a nice thing for users; almost like free money.

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    Shop 11 months ago

    As for job selection, maybe you could also provide a combined selection dry cargo & refrigirated, and tanker & dry bulk. Then it's easier to pick one suitable for your trailer.

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