New trucks?

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    MadManix 11 months ago

    Hi Gerben,

    I had a few minutes to spare and I was playing around with DALL-E mini, aka craiyon... 😎 😋

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    Gerben 11 months ago

    Haha nice. The last one is like Dali made them!


    My idea is to hire a designer that could make SVGs, so that I can allow people to set (company) colours. No timelines for that, probably only after I introduced more countries etc.

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    MadManix 11 months ago

    Nice idea!

    Let me give you a tip about that: have a look at local high schools with an art curriculum and/or local art schools. Many people forget those are the budding places of artistic talent... and they are willing to do the job for not so exorbitant amounts of money (some might even do it for the credits or the experience). Just make sure you agree with them on not plagiarising!!!

    Another viable idea: why not reach out to the truck manufacters? I'm sure most will be willing to help (or even donate) external SVGs. Maybe they might even consider sponsoring the game 😉

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    MadManix 10 months ago

    In the light of the energy switch from fossil to electric engines, why not give a prominent role to electric trucks? 😎😁

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