Roadmap for the game

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    Gerben 4 months ago



    I wanted to put some ideas that are 90% guaranteed to be implemented in the game. This list has no prioritization and also no timeline. But I want to put those ideas on paper so you know what you can expect.



    - Adding more countries beginning with Belgium, (rest of) Germany, UK.

    - Adding buildings/factories to locations i.e. harbours of Rotterdam and Antwerp will have lots of container shipping.

    - Adding fuel stations to certain locations and having 'global' fuel prices that change periodically.

    - (Maybe) adding buy/build factory to have your own resources generated/or get special favour with companies in that city resulting in more money.

    - Adding special jobs that consist of multiple legs or that have other specific requirements


    Vehicles & Trailers

    - Adding more truck variety

    - Adding more trailers; livestock, logging trailer, flatbed, auto hauler, container, dumper.

    - Adding features you can add to your truck to customize it; both functional (engine, exhaust, wheels) as well as cosmetic (license plate, colours, dashboard trinkets)

    - (Maybe) Getting an artist to make custom trucks and trailers art instead of photos



    - More finance graphs to show what your company is doing

    - More ways to expand your HQ; garage for cheaper repairs, fuel station for cheaper fuel



    - Add VIP membership that unlocks quality of life features and other member-only things (free in alpha)

    - Add a "Truckers Cafe" that allows you to play mini-games; i.e. dragrace your truck, tractorpulling or simple stuff like rock-paper-scissors

    - (Maybe) Create a chat system instead of relying on Discord

    - Tutorial for beginners that adds 2 jobs to your company after signing up to learn about accepting jobs and transferring vehicles

    - Extend the Settings page with more settings; definitely need change your email, password, delete account

    - Achievements


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    CheGuevara 4 months ago

    Wow, Just wow. Brilliant ideas. This game has so many possibilities!

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