[Update] Vehicle factors

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    Gerben 1 year ago

    Hi all,


    I've updated the game with Vehicle factors. They're visible on Buy page: https://transportgame.eu/vehicles/buy but I'll put them on the Vehicle overview page later as well.


    Some trucks are better in certain areas than others. These are measured in some factors.
    Fuel factor decides how much extra you have to pay for fuel, Repair factor decides how much more repairs cost, Speed factor decides how much extra time your job takes.
    The default factor is 1.0 everything higher is an increase in costs and time. Everything lower is a decrease.


    I think the actual numbers I've chosen so far are pretty good, but they're of course not set in stone.

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    Basic 1 year ago

    Thanks i just bought myself quadruple Scania =)

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    CheGuevara 2 months ago

    Love the idea, great way to make trucks unique.

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