Would you like to receive notifications via mail?

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    Gerben 1 year ago



    Eventually I want to introduce e-mail to my game, to notify people of changes or perhaps send daily digests of what their company did.

    But also to ping new users who did one or two jobs and have been gone for 2 days along the lines of "Hey, your company misses you. Your truck DAF 65 is ready for a new job".

    What do you think of these ideas? Would you opt-in for emails like this?

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    MadManix 1 year ago

    Maybe, if you clearly define the parameters:

    • game updates,
    • inactivity if it is strictly defined (ie after 2d, 7d, 14d, 30d (final reminder) and 60 (or 90) days: "your company will be added in the illustrious annals of the game after it has been removed from the list of active companies"),
    • in the eventuality of the game being sold, the email addresses will be removed from the database,
    • passworrd change and/or email change confirmation,
    • final confirmation of voluntary account deletion (which BTW is an option you have to offer under the EU GDPR rules).


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