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    Gerben 1 year ago

    Hi all,

    Some time ago I updated the dropdown selection for locations on the Jobs page. It now has autocomplete functionality, but based on how the browser chooses to deal with it. In Firefox you don't see that it's a dropdown. In Chrome and Firefox eventually the value is set to the ID of the location as that's what is used to do the filtering.

    I'm still not 100% happy with this. Also because I know I'm going to want to implement more countries and the list is only going to get bigger and bigger.

    So I'm wondering:

    1. What do you think of the current set up?
    2. Do you think we should split the dropdown per country?
    3. Should we maybe move international jobs to a different, but similar, screen?


    I'm also just quite curious how you use the jobs page. I know for myself I mostly just use the Filter button on the Dashboard and then choose one of the predetermined jobs. Hardly ever do I still choose a different starting location..


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    MadManix 1 year ago

    I play very much the same way as you...

    The only time I had to change the location was é days ago when I was at a location with no jobs available, so I had to move to a slightly bigger city. 

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    Gerben 1 year ago

    Because if that's what most people use, I'll probably remove the autocomplete feature and make it a regular dropdown like I had before with all locations and their country as a header ..

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