Make an "Assign Job to all Idle Trucks" in the Garage

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    Basic 4 months ago

    Manually choosing a job for every trucks can be a bit of a hassle when you have multiple number of vehicles available and especially so in the future if or when there's an upgrade to increase the maximum number of trucks you could manage.

    Assign Jobs to all Idle Trucks -> Chooses the current parking location of each trucks and picks the Most Money option for jobs, if there's no available job to its current parking location, then picks the closest location instead.

    To rewards players that are choosing jobs manually, you could make a "unique job" where the money you would get is double of its usual amount and the auto assign feature wouldn't be able to pick it up.

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    Gerben 4 months ago

    It being a hassle is also a design decision to be honest. Otherwise people can just sit back and relax, so to speak.


    Also what job to pick would be quite difficult. Not everyone wants 'Most Money', so that would be a setting that people can set.

    Then there's also the upcoming problem of trailers and certain trailers can only do certain products. Like liquids in a tanker for example.


    I'm not necessarily against a button per vehicle, that does something like this. But I don't think it should be "Assign all idle vehicles".


    Another different option would be to suggest some jobs for a vehicle. You still have to pick, but it saves you from going to the Jobs page when you're on a Vehicle page.

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